Oju Guest House
Alone and insecure, I found myself wandering the streets of Pokhara, Nepal.  I stepped off the bus in this lakeside paradise without accommodation booked in advance, knowing that there were hundreds of hostels and guest houses.  It was my first true solo adventure, and I was searching for a friendly and inviting place to call home for a few nights.  My feet were growing tired and my pack feeling heavy when I finally stumbled upon Oju Guest House.  I was immediately drawn to its relaxed atmosphere and charming owners.  Little did I know, this place would become my home base for the next 7 weeks and would be the source of the best friends and the best food I would find in Nepal.  

Saying goodbye to Chiran (owner of Oju Guest House) and going off on a trek
When I returned to Nepal one year later with a friend and his dad, I knew I had to include quality time at Oju Guest House in our itinerary.  I couldn’t shut up about Oju and how excited I was to be back there.  I talked it up so much that I began to worry it wouldn’t live up to their high expectations.  Thankfully, they fell in love with the place as much as I had!

Chad and I with Chiran and Goma, the lovely owners of Oju Guest House
This is my “Ode to Oju.” It’s not a sponsored post; it’s just genuine love for my home in Nepal.

If you find yourself in Pokhara (which you should because it’s a true gem), you don’t want to miss the Oju experience.  

What’s makes Oju Guest House the BEST?

The Owners - Chiran, Goma, and their daughter Oju live on the property and do an excellent job of making you feel welcomed and at home.  They are the friendliest people I met in Nepal and constantly go above and beyond to make you comfortable and happy.  

The Khadka family
The Food - Oju isn’t just a guest house… It’s also a French Bakery.  Chiran learned to make French bread from French guests who stayed with him, and it’s safe to say he’s mastered the art.  He wakes up early each day to make a fresh display of goodies.  From cinnamon rolls to calzones, the selection is divine.  The menu at Oju also includes delicious breakfast platters of eggs, potatoes, toast, and my personal favorite, the Thai Special.   If there are a handful of interested guests hanging around, Chiran may offer to create a family style meal that will blow your mind!  In short, I was fat and happy while staying at Oju.

Fresh-baked deliciousness
The Atmosphere - Oju has a warm and welcoming vibe.  It’s the ideal place to sit with a good book or a deck of cards and see what the day brings.  The main floor hosts the dining and hangout area, while the upper floors have patios and chairs for stunning views of the surrounding area.

Good vibes in the common area
The Rooms - The rooms at Oju Guest house are all private with bathroom included. They are quiet, clean, and cozy.  

Bright and clean rooms
The Views - The majestic Himalayas can be seen from the roof and balcony.  Are you convinced yet?

View of the Himalayas from the roof of Oju
To see more photos as well as hundreds of reviews, check out Oju Guest House on TripAdvisor,  Booking.com, and Facebook!

This post is dedicated to the Khadka family.  I can't thank you enough for making myself and so many others feel like family at Oju Guest House.  I can't wait to visit again!

What is your favorite guest house, hostel, hotel, Airbnb, etc.?  Where is your home away from home?  


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