About Me

About Me

Hello Fellow Wanderers!

I'm Tooch, a 26-year-old American girl with a mad passion for travel and adventure. 17 countries and counting! Lucky for me and those who join me on my adventures, I'm an obsessive planner. If you want to travel with Tooch, all you have to do is show up 😉  From trekking to 18,500 feet in Nepal to working on tropical farms in Costa Rica, traveling is my bliss; it makes me feel truly alive.  I'm in love with the world, and my wanderlust is unstoppable!

I was thrown off course a year ago when I was diagnosed with a rare joint disorder in my hip - something I definitely did not plan! I'm currently living in my hometown of St. Louis, MO, seeing specialists and enhancing my lifestyle.  Since I am unable to walk without pain and limping, my wild spirit has been slightly suppressed and my travel planning is on the back burner.  

I started this blog to share adventures from my travels with all of you as well as to keep my travel spirit alive. My goal for my audience is that you may be inspired to pack a backpack and ditch your comfort zone.  Incredible beauty awaits you.

Follow me as I heal my hip and hit the road.

Happy Trails,


Let's go on an adventure 🙂